Van Hire Doncaster: Packing a van correctly when moving house

Posted: 21/02/13

Hiring a van is a great cost-effective, flexible solution when moving house, that’s why so many people opt to do it themselves. Movers can remain in control, minimise the risk of things becoming damaged and save a fortune overall. All you need to get things moving is the right van and a little bit of guidance along the way – luckily Exchange Van Hire Services are experts when it comes to all things van hire! Here are a few tips to get you started…

Preparation is everything
– if you want the process to go smoothly you’ll want to ensure you have everything you need. A dolly to transport heavier object is a sensible idea, packing tape to secure boxes is essential and then some bubble wrap and old sheets to protect valuables from becoming damaged.

Large / Heavy items – the best approach is to pack the largest / heaviest items first, this will typically be heavy furniture. These items should be placed at the far end of the van against the cab – this is where any old sheets will be useful for protection.

Long items – next you should concentrate on placing any long items in the van. This will typically be things like bed frames, mattresses etc. These should be placed against the walls of the van. The idea is that any boxes you add in the middle will hold these firmly in place.

Boxes – the boxes should now be loaded into the van, ensuring that the heaviest boxes go in first behind the large/heavy items and that the heaviest are always at the bottom of the pile. Work your way from the heaviest boxes to the lightest boxes when loading and try to pack anything that will provide protection between them to keep them stable when the van is in motion.

Fragile items – finally any item you would consider fragile should be carefully packed last. They should be secured between the upper boxes and in other areas that will prevent their movement.

This may all sound a little daunting but we assure you once you get going, you’ll find it common sense.

When it comes to the type of van you’ll need for moving, this will depend on your circumstances and how much you need to move. We stock everything from the small Combi Vans right the way through to the Larger Luton Vans so don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be able to determine the most suitable van type for you.

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