Van hire Doncaster: Hiring the right van for you needs

Posted: 21/02/13

Whether you are new to hiring a van or have hired before you may not know what van will best suit your needs – we’ve outlined some considerations in this blog article.

Before you hire a van it’s important to consider your needs so that you can pick the most appropriate vehicle for the task at hand. Whether you need to hire a van to move house, help your children get their belongings to university or simply just to move some large furniture – there will be a van suited to your specific needs. Many people automatically think that bigger is better when it comes to van hire but that’s not always the case – you will probably be surprised at the load capacity of even our smallest of vans.

So, what should you be considering when hiring a van? Exchange Hire Services Ltd have helped many van hirers locally in Doncaster and throughout the rest of the UK, so with this in mind, we’re able to offer this advice:

Consider your cargo

The best place to start is to consider the load that you want to move with your hired van. The best way to do this is measure the length, height and width of the largest items you are going to carry and compare this to the size of the load carrying space in the back of the van. Try to be as accurate as you can when doing this, as you don’t want to hire a van that’s not big enough for your cargo. You should also take into consideration how you need to stack your items and if you need to just make one trip or multiple trips – remember that with a van you have height on your side so don’t just consider length.


You should also consider ‘payload’ – this applies to any vehicle and is the maximum weight that the van is designed to carry. This is very important as it is a legal requirement, so be sure that the weight of your load is less than or equal to the payload for the vehicle.

Click on each van type to find load dimensions and payloads. Here’s an overview of typical tasks that are suitable for each vehicle:

Small Combi Van – Suitable for small items of furniture and white goods.

Short Wheel Base Van – Suitable for moving furniture and household goods – can fit in a double bed if taken apart.

Long Wheel Base Van – suitable for moving household items such as 3 piece suites, bookcases, wardrobes and beds.

Extra Long Wheel Base – same as the long wheel base van but with a little extra room. Be careful though as this has less payload.

Luton Box Van With Tail Lift – suitable for house removals especially with the tail lift so you don’t need to lift heavy items out of the load area.

Low Loader Van – The Low Loader van is the same as the Luton so it’s also ideal for house removals, it’s only about a foot of the ground so although it does not have the tail lift it only requires minimal heavy lifting.

We are always up for a challenge so if there is a van you need that is not on our fleet we will try our best to source the van for you. If you are still unsure about the most suitable van for your needs then please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll assist you further.

For van hire in Doncaster: use our online enquiry form or call us on 01302 340000 to book your vehicle today.