Is the lowloader the right van for your hire?

Posted: 21/02/13

Need a van hire option that has heaps of space, is easy to access and comfortable to drive? The lowloader could tick all the boxes.

The lowloader is an often-forgotten van option that hasn’t yet gained the reputation of the likes of the luton box van. The many limitations of standard Luton vans have been overcome with the introduction of the low floor chassis.

What is a lowloader?

Simply put, lowloader vans are large box vans built on to a low chassis. This creates a large van without the need for a tail lift. This adds a significant benefit as it saves time having to use the lift for access in and out of the van.

This van type is ideal if you are moving house, need to move big bulky items or simply want an alternative to a van with a tail lift. With a maximum payload of 1850 kg and a fuel efficiency of 34.5 mpg combined this is a great all round van option.


Hire a lowloader van from the Exchange Group

Exchange Van Hire Services offer lowloader van hire throughout Doncaster and the surrounding areas. View our van hire page or call 01302 340000 for a quotation.

With Exchange Van Hire Services all our hire vehicles are fully maintained and serviced by our experienced mechanics on and off site, fully Autoglym cleaned and protected and all vehicles are covered for breakdown 24 hours a day 7 days a week.