How to load in (and out again) heavy items when hiring a van in Doncaster

Posted: 21/02/13

When it comes to loading a van in and out there is definitely a right and wrong to go about it.

It may sound like we’re stating the obvious or even being a little patronising by suggesting that you don’t know how to load up a van, however there is actually a bit more to it than you may believe. Regular van users will probably already know the best practise because if they aren’t doing it, they will likely be jeopardising their health, safety and even time! All our van hire customers in Doncaster are usually briefed on the basics before they hire.

How you load a van can impact many things; the way it drives, the legality of the vehicle and your physical health after the fact. Before you even begin to load the van, your initial thought should be hiring the right type of van for the job at hand. Your load, driving experience or the task at hand will all determinate the right type of van for your needs. When you’ve got that ironed out, it’s time to load up with these handy tips.

Access / location

First up you should determine the best place to park to load the van. Ideally you want to be free from obstructions and parked in a safe space away from traffic. Most vans on the UK market have the side loading door on the left side of the van to ensure driver safety and to encourage pavement access to the load space. It’s vital to check before loading/unloading that there’s no risk to yourself or others and you’re not obstructing vision for other road users. Don’t forget to secure the rear doors so that they can’t swing open causing a risk to cyclists and other road users.

Heavy Load

If the items you’re loading into the van are bulky or heavy, get help from somebody else to prevent injury. There is real potential to injure yourself when lifting heavy items up into a van, especially if it’s not something you do often. Fork trucks are a great aid to getting heavy loads or pallets into a van but ensure you have one available at the other side!

Spread the Load

When packing the van, you must ensure the load is spread out evenly. Careless loading can mean that an axle (usually rear) is illegally overweight and the responsibly falls on you, not the hire company. When loading items that are top-heavy, dismantle them to lower the centre of gravity and stop them sliding around or toppling over. Finally, make sure that more fragile items are placed somewhere their movement will be restricted.

Secure the Load

Before setting off ensure that the load is secured and is not going to be sliding around causing damage. Use anchor points and tensioning straps to secure items.

Get Organised

Are you making just one stop or multiple stops on route? If it’s the latter, think about the order of the items when packing them in. You will save yourself both time and effort if you’re organised on the first load. The last thing you want to do is have to re-load the van once again unless completely necessary.


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