Hiring a van for a house move is proving very popular

Posted: 21/02/13

Despite the pandemics damaging effect on the economy, there’s been a real boom in house buying and with that we’ve experienced a growing trend of people hiring vans for their house move.

There’s no denying it, 2020 was mostly doom and gloom with the Pandemic reaping havoc across all sides of the globe. A surprising twist through it all was that the housing market remained strong in part thanks to the stamp duty holiday and also due to people probably realising we’ll all be spending a lot of time at home – so it’s best to be in the right one!

We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the growing trend of people wanting to hire a van to assist with their house move rather than hire a removal company. Many people are becoming aware of the great benefits that come with this decision.

So, why have people been opting for a van hire over a removal company?

It’s flexible – everyone can appreciate that house move days are never set in stone and sometimes you’ll get minimal notice of completion. This makes it incredibly difficult to organise a date with a removal company especially when they are so booked up and busy. With van hire it’s usually pretty flexible making it possible to get one at short notice.

Reduces the pressure – when opting for a removals company they like to do the minimal number of trips required, which makes total sense for them. Having your own hire to do this means you take the pressure off and move in as many trips as you’d like. Instead of the chaos of trying to squeeze it all in one day – use a weekend or a few days.

It can be more cost effective – If you are on a tight budget, van hire is your best bet. Renting a van can be three times cheaper than renting a company, or a man-with-a-van. Obviously, it’s more time-consuming than paying people to do the move, but you can save some serious money! Plus, if you rope in some friends to help you, you’ll get it done in no time at all.

Confidence in van driving is up – as more people are getting use to driving bigger cars and SUV’s, many people are feeling more confident in driving a van.

It’s COVID friendly – hiring a van yourself means coming in to contact with less people and having only yourselves touching your belongings and entering your new property. Many van hire companies like ourselves have ramped up hygiene control to ensure a safer, more covid compliant service.

It’s easy! – With the right van hire company, the process is really simple. Opting for a local company like Exchange Hire Services means you’ll get personalised customer service in a hassle-free way.


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